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 Beyer's Lumber and Hardware - Established 1946

Our Employees

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Beyers Lumber Employees

Beyers Lumber and Hardware will do whatever It takes to find the best solutions for our customers. We are always using our extensive knowledge, expertise, and years of experience to assist our valued customers!

Bob Brown
Vice President of Operations

Hi, I'm Bob! I have worked at Beyers Lumber and Hardware since 1979!

I would say it's like working with family here at Beyers and I do! It's a great place to work.

I enjoy fishing and hunting and I also have a black belt in karate.

I have a wife, Christi, and two girls that I adore.

It's been wonderful working for a place like Beyers Lumber and Hardware and for a man like Ed Beyers.

I hope to see you around the store soon.

Thank you for your business, Bob

Patty Ostermeyer
Vice President of Finance

I have been with Beyers Lumber and Hardware since the summer of 2003 and greatly enjoy what I do here.

My husband, Joe, and I have two sons, a dog named Duke and one cat named Dallas.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Some of my hobbies include camping, fishing, walking, and shopping.

Thank you for your business, Patty

Dale Wolff

Hi, my name is Dale and they call me Mr.fix It around the office because I can fix just about anything.

I started with Beyers in March of 1967 doing fence Installation for 30 years and I now work in Sales.

I am a 220 average bowler and swing the club occasionally on the golf course.

My wife Debby and I have been married since 1968 and we have two children.

We also have 3 grandchildren my wife loves to spoil.

Thank you for your business, Dale

Mike Bierbrauer

Hello, my name is Mike Bierbrauer. I've been with Beyers Lumber and Hardware since 1973.

I enjoy handling the logistics for our deliveries to our customers.

The Bierbrauer family has had a long standing tradition of working with Beyers.

My father retired from the company after 50 years of service!

While I am away from the office I enjoy working in the garden, doing a little fishing, and riding my Harley Davidson.

We appreciate your business, Mike


Michael Nickel
Hardware/Sales/Web admin

Hi, my name is Michael Nickel. I started at Beyers Lumber in June of 2011.

I have always been interested in the Lumber Business, and I learn something new every day.

In my free time I enjoy fishing, camping, hiking and spending time with my fiance.

Thank you for your business, Michael

Thad Thurman
Outside Sales

Kathy Weis

Hi, my name is Kathy Weis. I've been at Beyers lumber since 1988.

I work in the office handling accounts receivable and anything else that is needed.

Some of my hobbies are walking, sewing, and shopping. I especially like shopping!

Thank you for your business.


John Brown

Hi my name is John Brown. I started working for Beyers Lumber and Hardware when I was 20 years old

I enjoy making deliveries to our customers all around the metro area.

I can drive just about anything, Including my Monster Truck through mud pits!

If you need a delivery, I'm the man they call!

I look forward to seeing you at your home or office, I can get your material to you wherever you may be!

I enjoy bird hunting, fishing, and flying my remote airplanes (I was born to drive). I have a wife Laura, and two children Amanda and Jack.

Thank you for your business, John


Jason Shelton

Hello, My name is Jason Shelton.



Larry Futrell
Yard Foreman/ Driver

Hi my name is Larry. I have worked for Beyers Lumber and Hardware since 1978!

My wife Anita and I have two children Lauren and Andre.

My wife is a nurse at Northeastern Hospital.

In my spare time I enjoy the real-estate game and spending time with the kids.

Come by the yard and see me sometime.

Thank you for your business, Larry




Mike Brown - (R.I.P. MAY 16 2008) We miss you Mike.

Hi, my name is Mike. I have worked for Beyers Lumber and Hardware since I was 14 years old--back in 1979!

I deliver our material right to your doorstep! My job is very important!

I take it very seriously almost too seriously, according to my wife and some of the guys in the office.

but It's my job and customer service Is the key phrase around Beyers Lumber and Hardware.

In my free time I enjoy hunting deer and turkey, and fishing just ask to see my pictures.

I also enjoy spending time with my wife and two children Heather and Chris.

Thank you for your business, Mike

Jim Riggs - RETIRED
Driver & Industrial

Hello, my name is Jim. I have worked for Beyers Lumber and Hardware since 1992.

I have a daughter named, Jill (she is a veterinarian).

I enjoy horseback riding, country dancing, fishing, and hunting!

Beyers Is a great place to work and I hope to see you around the store or out on the streets!

Thank you for your business, Jim

Fred Robbins- RETIRED

Howdy, my name is Fred Robbins. I have worked for Beyers Lumber and Hardware since 1980.

I am married to my wife Laura and I have a daughter named Kate. I can fix just about anything and usually have to!

I enjoy keeping the fleet running for Beyers Lumber and Hardware.

In my spare time I enjoy fishing, heavy machinery, and my grandchildren!

Beyers Is a great place to work and I hope you come by to experience what a great place It is!

Thank you for your business, Fred

James King- RETIRED- You got it made King! 
Yard foreman 

Hi, I'm James. I am the lumberyard foreman at Beyers Lumber and Hardware.

I take care of the responsibilities of running the lumber yard.

On my free time I like to fish.

Thank you for your business, James

Gary Shepherd-RETIRED

Hello,my name is Gary Shepherd. I have worked for Beyers Lumber and Hardware for quite some time.

I am happily married to my wife Pam, We have three children, and two grandchildren.

I was born and raised in St.Louis. And spent four years in the marines.

Thank you for your business, Gary

Outside Sales & (Current consultant for Beyers Lumber & Hardware)

Hi, my name is Mark Stockmann. I've been in the lumber business since 1978.

I started at a family business, went on to 84 lumber, then Kaplan lumber.

I am happy to be back to a family business, especially one like Beyers lumber.

Come see me, or i can come see you!

Thank you for your business, Mark

Tom Dixon- RETIRED V.P
(Current Consultant for Beyers Lumber & Hardware)

I started in the lumber business at the age of 14 while working summers at Elwood Lumber Company.

My first job was general clean-up and weed maintenance.

I then continued to work summers in the lumberyard until I graduated from college in 1968.

I spent two years in the U.S. Army, with a year in Viet-Nam.

After discharge from the Army, I worked at Elwood Lumber until 1985 when Elwood Lumber closed.

I have been with the Beyers Lumber and Hardware team since 1985.

I formally retired on June 28, 2012. I will continue to do some purchasing for Beyers, but on a part time basis from my home or while on the road.

I plan to spend a lot of my time hunting, fishing, gardening, and enjoying the companionship of my family.

Thanks to all the Beyers employees and customers for 27 great years. It was a great ride!